img It all began with the love of a Traeger....... Mark and Bonnie were married in 2008 after 7 years of being best friends. For their wedding gift from their family and friends, they received a Traeger.

In late 2010, they stumbled into this business venture. Smoky Hearth was vacant for about a year and a half, it was ready for someone to come in and take over and they couldn't understand why nobody came along.....

Mark loved to cook and at first they thought they’d keep it simple! They would bring the Traeger up and smoke some meats outside during lunch hours...... Well that thought expanded, and they decided to jump in head first, and open up a full blown restaurant, bar and grill. They have not once looked back. Thanks to the community of Sandy being so welcoming and opening their arms to the new Smoky Hearth. With the help and support of all of their friends and family they have no regrets!

They live in Happy Valley and have 4 kids between them. Bonnie has been working for a small family owned garbage company for the past 20 years.

We're proud to introduce our cook Phillip Bryant former owner of Bryant Station in Gresham and we're thrilled to have been lucky enough to have him join our team.

Our staff..... Mark & Bonnie feel like they got the cream of the crop! The staff has become great friends and we all have endless hours of fun singing Karaoke together.